Transcal Engineering Certifaction

TRANSCAL Engineering are pleased to announce that they have been awarded both ISO3834 and EN15085-2-CL1 certification ISO 3834 & EN15085 Manufacturer certification in accordance with EN 15085; Railway Applications – Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components, is being increasingly specified by customers of components, sub-assemblies and vehicles. The Certification for Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components (CWRVC) scheme demonstrates a manufacturer’s competence for control of welding quality in production of railway vehicles and components.

On behalf of the UK Office of the Rail Regulator, UKAS has accredited TWI CL as a Manufacturer Certification Body in accordance with EN 15085-1. The CWRVC scheme employs specialist assessors to ensure full compliance with the certification requirements of EN 15085.
Certification is rapidly becoming a pre-requisite for contract award or acceptance as an approved supplier, and the CWRVC scheme can provide you with effective assessment, certification and surveillance to provide customer confidence in your welding quality management.

Following a successful assessment and audit by the European Welding Federation, The International Institute of Welding, and the CWRVC. TRANSCAL Engineering are pleased to announce that they have been awarded both ISO3834 and EN15085-2-CL1 certification

The Welding Fabricator Certification Scheme is designed to enable welding fabricators to demonstrate compliance with BS EN ISO 3834 ‘Quality Requirements for Welding’. Many regulations, standards and specifications are now requiring manufacturers, fabricators and repairers or welded products to show that they comply with BS EN ISO 3834. Third-party certification is not mandatory but it does provide a recognisable, credible and efficient way to show compliance. The benefit for certificated companies under the WFCS include:


  • clear, high profile independent verification of compliance with BS EN ISO 3834
  • independent confirmation of competence for its welding and fabricating capabilities
  • welding quality management and fabrication capability assessments carried out by specialist assessors
  • increased national and international business potential through demonstrated compliance with the welding quality requirements of a wide range of emerging International and European product standards
  • compliance with EU Directives and European and International Standards
    This scheme is the only one that is authorised for BS EN ISO 3834 Certification by the European Welding Federation for Welding Joining and Cutting (EWF) and the International Institute of Welding (IIW). The WFCS is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) as complying with BS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 and operates fully in line with EA/6-02.

Obtaining ISO 3834 and EN15085-2-CL1 demonstrates to all of our existing and potential customers that TRANSCAL Engineering are continually striving to achieve the highest levels of quality for both products and our workforce by employing and training the highest quality personnel available

Transcal Engineering 15085 Certificate 2017

Transcal Engineering ISO 3834 Certificates


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