The design team at Transcal worked with RPW in London to create bespoke reception screens for the newly refurbished hotel. Taking inspiration from local heritage found in Tbilisi, vineyards surround the capital city. The design team focused on the symbolic nature of the vine and the grapes and explored their organic forms.

Transcal pushed the boundaries by investigating new techniques to deliver a new contemporary style. This unique technique produced a 3D effect, creating a tactile surface.

Overall, the placement of the draping leaves was carefully considered with intricate stitching to portray bespoke textures and shadows – an inspiring project to be a part of.


Unique Perforation

Unique Perforation

Our newest technology at Transcal, a precision perforation machine is used for custom-designed leather perforation with 2 independent multi-tool heads. The machine uses directional punches and an automatic centring ability to ensure accuracy for ultra-fast placed perforation. Punches can alternate between five sizes within one design and range from 0.8mm to 2mm, with very few…