Rail Interiors

Transcal have unrivalled knowledge and expertise of the railway seating industry. Our rail division, Transcal Engineering, specialises in the design, engineering and manufacture of fully certified rail seating. As the UK’s foremost rail seating specialist, we can assist in every aspect of your interior, from design, installation, engineering, manufacturing and aftercare; creating a fully compliant product that meets regulations, satisfies specifications and exceeds expectations. We work with our clients at every level and will fulfil the requirements of each part of the supply chain, including rolling stock manufacturers, owners, operators, design houses and engineering authorities.

In the many years of working in the we’ve been involved in a range of specialist manufacturing projects including (but not limited to):

    • Front End Cab Conversion Systems
    • Exterior Weather Doors
    • Internal Doors for Quick and Efficient Conversion of the Driving Cab to an Inter-Car Connecting Gangway
    • Ceilings and Associated Trim Panels
    • Refurbishment of Existing Rolling Stock Components


Universal Access Toilet – Rail Project



David Coulthard

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Transcal Aerolite

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Island Bay

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Night Riviera
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Transcal TR-2

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Great Western Rail

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East Midlands Trains
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