The finest human craftsmanship meets innovative technology, with the end-product both flawless and attractive. From leather car seats to the dashboard; door panels to steering wheels; and gear knobs to travel accessories. With consistent quality and innovative methods, it is obvious why our products can be found in many of the major car manufacturers worldwide. Regardless of the job at hand, using experience and skill, we will complete it to the high standards expected. Whatever the task at hand may be, Transcal can ensure our clients consistent quality and flawless comfort. Using only the finest leather from the finest tanneries, skilled craftsmen and innovative methods, we only deliver the safest, most durable, and attractive products. Our re-trim process is split into two phases to ensure a truly brilliant product – Producing sketches and early design concepts before developing and manufacturing the product. Once the designs have been customer-approved, our craftsmen begin the development, creating a product tailored specifically to the desires of our customer.



Classic Car Interior Restoration

For a classic finish

In order to return your classic car to its former glory days, it must have the high-quality interior that you truly desire. At Transcal, our intelligent design staff can meet your exact requirements and turn that dream into a reality using only the finest materials coupled with unrivalled creativity. Whatever the model may be, regardless of age, we can give you the interior you desire.

Restoration experts

To give you some idea of what is possible working with Transcal’s restoration experts, allow us to explain. Whether you’d like to follow the original seating/interior design of your classic car or allow yourself a little individuality in your pride and joy, we work closely with you to achieve your dream. We can re-trim almost any part of a car’s interior; seats, steering wheel, dashboard, centre console, door panels, parcel shelf, headliner – you name it. It’s easy to feel a little overawed by the choices we offer. Come and see some of our work, the possibilities are endless.


Caravans and Motorhomes

We, at Transcal, only offer the highest quality re-trimming and refurbishment for all types of caravans, camper-vans, and motorhomes. Regardless of the size, layout, or design of your motor-home, Transcal can provide luxury and comfort to your exact specifications. Only using the finest leather from the best tanners in the world, we can provide a reliable, affordable, and personal experience. Working with many leading camper companies, such as Jerba, we have experience in all aspects of motor-home re-trimming, whether it be cushions and seats, carpets and blinds, or curtains and furniture, Transcal can meet each aspect with the same intelligence, innovative ideas, and desire for luxury.


Motorcycle Seats

Ducati, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki are all household names in the world of motorcycle manufacture, and all share a trust in Transcal. With this client portfolio, it is not difficult to imagine the nature of Transcal’s reputation in luxurious motorcycle seating. Like our other products, our motorcycle seats benefit from the finest materials, incredible human skill, and innovative manufacturing techniques and technology.


Re-Trimming Services

Our re-trim process is split into two phases to ensure a truly majestic product – producing concepts before progressing to the development of the design. Once the designs have been customer-approved, our craftsmen begin the development, creating a product tailored specifically to the desires of our customer.


Alston Technosuede

Pioneered by Transcal, Alston is a quite extraordinary fabric. Soft, luxurious and durable, the product of years of development and evolution by our skilled team. This inspired material is the preferred choice of our designers and interior specialists for many of our customers and brands worldwide. View samples of Alston Technosuede products below.


Child Seats

Unparalleled safety and comfort is the aim of our bespoke child seats. We recognise that a car seat endures much more than a sofa, and so we must add intense-durability, as well as peerless comfort and style. Supplying child seats for top brands including Audi, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Jaguar, Range Rover and many more, we have created a fusion of comfort and safety that is unmatched by any other. Combining the highest quality craftsmanship, innovative technology, and intelligent design, we have created durable, stylish, and safe car seats for your children.


Heated Seat Pads

Heated car seats are a much more common feature in cars today than they were 10 years ago. In turn, Transcal has adapted and is able to fit such a luxury, whilst still maintaining affordability, functionality, and comfort. Our Carbon Fibre Heating Pads for the seat surface and the back are placed between the upholstery and the seat cover, without distorting the shape or the comfort. With illuminated-switches for each heated seat connected to the on-board 12V power supply, there are also intelligent integrated temperature sensors to provide protection against overheating.