Based in the heart of the UK with a long and distinguished history serving the Defence and Rail industries, Transcal Engineering offers world-class fabrication to both UK-based and international clients.

The combination of a highly skilled workforce and Transcal’s passion for innovation and engineering excellence allows us to offer comprehensive, high quality and competitive solutions for a variety of customers.

Transcal Engineering has demonstrated that there is a place for UK manufacturing companies to prosper when they present an innovative design capability and support this with investment in highly talented engineers and craftsmen.

Much of the experience within Transcal Engineering has originated from the design and manufacturing of metal components, assemblies and structures for the defence and rail industries. Our skills and willingness to innovate are readily transferable to a variety of industries where quality and reliability are vital elements in the supply chain.

Other sectors we are currently involved in include: Retail, Off-shore, On-shore, Transport, Marine, Energy, Security Vehicles, Specialist Vehicle (ROV’s) Launch and Recovery Systems, Components for Buoyancy Systems, Furniture, General Purpose, and Specialist Machinery.