AJAX Family of Vehicles

Transcal are proud to work with the global defence and aerospace company General Dynamics to supply components for the AJAX Family of Vehicles. General Dynamics UK have designed the AJAX vehicles to provide protection, mobility, reliability, surveillance, target acquisition and recognition and all-weather intelligence. As well as designing the vehicles to be easily upgraded throughout its service.

We have been suppliers to General Dynamics for over 15 years. Our first project was the Bowman upgrade where we supplied up to 10,000 fabricated parts. Since then, we have continued work with them and we are delighted to continue our relationship as an innovative supplier in years to come.

Our team is full of highly skilled and talented engineers with over 30 years of experience serving the defence industry.  Transcal Engineering has a passion for innovation and our investment in technology allows us to provide excellence in engineering. We offer in-house painting to defence standards 03-32, which allows us to supply finished components. Our long serving, highly trained workforce has a wealth of experience and accreditations that allow them to excel in the production of materials to the defence industry.


Unique Perforation

Unique Perforation

Our newest technology at Transcal, a precision perforation machine is used for custom-designed leather perforation with 2 independent multi-tool heads. The machine uses directional punches and an automatic centring ability to ensure accuracy for ultra-fast placed perforation. Punches can alternate between five sizes within one design and range from 0.8mm to 2mm, with very few…